6 Nov

ICDP (TOF) participants from Save the Children

ICDP Facilitators training for Save the Children...
"From this training I came to know about ICDP and it's principles which were very helpful and effective for every parents/ caregivers and everyone working with children . This training has changed my perspective towards children.
Before I used to maintain distance with children even at my surroundings but now, I have started to see a child as a special person. When I look into their eyes I can read the child's feelings. I have understood and experienced that every child is unique and has potential to do something. I have started loving children from my heart which is special feeling that I have been experiencing since the day I have joined ICDP.
Talking about my professional growth I must say I have developed my facilitating skill. During 8 weeks of caregivers meeting we had to do lots of preparations, discussions and sharing, which helped me to sharpen my skills as a facilitator. I am more confident now. I will always try to keep ICDP in my heart and mind and sensitize the parents and caregivers in my community."
Mr. Prabin K Khatiwada

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